Culinary Academy

In the Culinary Academy, youth start with learning about food safety and healthy cooking.  They learn basic knife skills as well as basic culinary skills of measuring, following a recipe, sautéing, roasting and baking.  Utilizing the kitchen lab at the Osage Café, they learn about front and back of the house of a restaurant with an introduction to cashiering, hosting, serving, bussing, dishwashing and food prep.  Youth also hear from area chefs and learn about other education training available and complete an updated resume.  Youth are certified in ServSafe recognized by the National Restaurant Association for food handling and preparation safety.  Upon completion of the academy some youth are chosen for a paid work internship at the community based Osage Café  ( while others are assisted with direct job placement.  It has been our experience that youth have been hired over other applicants due to this certificate and their experience in the culinary academy at YEA.