Welcome to the Youth Employment Academy!

YEA’s mission is to serve young adults in breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Denver communities by gaining personal and economic stability through education, arts and technology and employment training.



YEA is committed to assisting young adults with reaching their education goals.  Utilizing tutoring, tours and workshops, YEA instructors and career advisors guide youth in earning their high school diploma or equivalency while increasing their basic academic skills.  Youth are then advised through career exploration on post-secondary options and guided through the steps of starting this education.  Finally, YEA continues to work with our young adults so that they gain the skills necessary to successfully complete their post-secondary education goal.

 Career Academies 

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YEA offers in-depth, pre-vocational training in demand driven industries including; advanced manufacturing/engineering, culinary, customer service and healthcare.  These intensive academies offer career exploration in each industry and development of skills needed according to business leaders in those industries.  Youth may earn national certifications in the majority of the academies and are then assisted with placement in employment or guided to the next level of training/education needed to reach their career goal..



YEA partners with area employers to assist youth in finding employment in order to become self-sufficient and reach their career goals.  Upon completion of YEA’s job training, career academies or work experiences youth are assisted with finding employment that best fits their skills and goals.  YEA job coaches work with youth in navigating potential issues in the workplace so that they may retain employment and also work with area employers to find the best match for their needs.

YEA! Serving young adults ages 14 -24